What fuels me is full presence in a moment and the times my couples get to relive those special moments they didn’t even plan or realize happened as they look through their gallery for the first time. YOUR excitement is MY excitement.

My passion is to pursue genuine connection with you and provide you with a high touch, full heart, experience that is tailored to your personal vision. The imagery I capture is a reflection of your love and the relationship we build throughout the entire photo process – from beginning as strangers who have exchanged a few phone calls to meaningful friends – this is what my clients are to me. 

There is a gentleness and authenticity in how I strive to live my life and in turn it drives my approach to the imagery and memories I capture. In the same way, my hospitality bound heart, love for my hometown (WAY TO GO KC!), and lightheartedness bring a sense of ease and relatability to how I express myself and encourage each of you to from DAY 1.

Who I am plays an unrepeatable part in the photos I take, in the memories I capture. By the time your wedding day arrives, I will be another friend in the room, adjusting, connecting, helping you feel beautiful and capturing your genuine love. Every moment in your day matters - the big, small, and unseen all create your story.

aka Hales

foundress + lead photographer  /

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pour over coffee every morning                             my Catholic faith

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a few of my favorite things

At the heart, it is always heartfelt connection with  good people at the forefront.

At Haley James, I believe...

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As with any passion pursuit, it has been a long yet rewarding journey to get to where I am today with Haley James. I never wanted to be a wedding photographer - *gasp!* I believed I was too introverted to have "what it takes" to command a wedding day. Little did I know, before I assisted photographing my very first wedding in 2016, that being a passionate, skilled, and just good photographer was much more than being a loud, extroverted, and commanding presence in the room. It truly culminates and boils down to good, old fashion, classic, connection. Being able to bring my authentic self so that you, my clients, can bring your whole authentic selves to your wedding day and just have a good time (!!!) is what my job is all about. When I can bring that feeling of "we've been pals for years" is when the real heartfelt and memorable moments happen. When I can melt into the day and let you be you, that is when the magic of memory making occurs. 

How a happy accident turned into Haley James 

My Wedding Mission

And the best is still yet to come... stay tuned!

Had my business and artistic epiphany!

Haley James as you see it was reborn and renewed 


Took a step back from photographing high volume of weddings to reassess the heart of my why


Photographed my first SoCal wedding! *Lots of love to Nikki & Dane*

Named a top photographer of 2019 by Magnolia Rouge

Navigated the Pandemic 

Photographed over 30 weddings, reached business burnout

2019 — 2021

Photographed my first wedding as lead photographer!

Left my full time job

Moved to San Diego, CA


Branched out and began working as a wedding photo assistant

Created Haley James Photography


Departed Design School at London College of Fashion

Started a travel + lifestyle blog

Realized my calling was photography with and for people


Haley James didn't just happen overnight, it started with a fashion design school dropout and a dream to be a catalyst in bringing beauty into people's lives. Here is my journey...

Through the years